Digital Due Diligence provides in-depth investment research into online assets. Our focus is on companies that:

  • Generate a substantial amount of traffic through online channels such as organic search, paid ads, affiliates, etc.
  • Monetize that traffic online through e-commerce, lead generation, or ad sales.
  • Have a competitive advantage that can only be understood through a general understanding of the online ecosystem.

We do our work in conjunction with traditional investment analysis. Typical engagements include:

  • Working with a hedge fund to evaluate the competitive risks faced by a dot-com equity they’re investing in.
  • Assisting an investment bank’s due diligence team in assessing the value of a potential early-stage acquisition.
  • Helping a business development executive understand the full dimensions of a partnership with an online distributor.

We offer complete discretion in our work. We also offer optional confidentiality, exclusivity, and non-compete agreements, to ensure that high-value research remains proprietary. For more information, view our investment research services or contact us.

We also publish “Digital Due Diligence Weekly” each Monday morning, before the opening bell. This newsletter covers important developments in the search and social media worlds, and their impact on publicly traded companies. Subscribe at no cost to receive weekly analysis.