We are a small, specialized team.

, Co-Founder & CEO. Most recently Director of Marketing Strategy at Blue Fountain Media, where he focused on search engine optimization and pay-per-click strategies. He has been cited by the New York Times, the National Review, the New York Observer, Radio Free Europe, Voice of Russia, and TechCrunch, and has been published in Business Insider. He spoke at Search Marketing Expo West in March of 2011 on “The Economics of Content Farms.”

, Co-Founder & Head of Research. Previously worked as a Marketing Strategist at Blue Fountain Media, where he implemented international SEO and PPC campaigns for media startups, business-to-business clients, and financial firms. Founded a major real estate  lead-gen company in Kuala Lumpur. Key source in the New York Times exposé of JC Penney's illicit SEO tactics.

Digital Due Diligence Advisors operates out of New York, NY together with an extensive network of outside researchers and consultants.

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