Digital Due Diligence offers:

  • Equity Research. Identify key trends that can impact publicly-traded Internet-dependent companies—in the next quarter or over the next five years.
  • M&A Due Diligence. Determine the real value of online assets like domain names, email lists, search engine rankings, or datasets.
  • Bespoke Research Projects. For clients who are uncertain about the exact nature of what they’re working on, we offer exploratory consultation services to clarify available options and identify compelling opportunities.
  • Online Joint Venture Analysis. Many companies confront their biggest risks—and most compelling opportunities—when launching joint ventures, including distributions, marketing and branding partnerships, and affiliate networks. We help our clients get the right deal.
  • Our free weekly newsletter is the ideal way to keep track of new online developments that affect public companies and private deals.

We do not offer:

  • Ongoing, publicly available sell-side coverage. (Our projects are on an ad hoc basis, and we typically work alongside traditional bankers and analysts).
  • Investor relations services (We prefer to represent neutral parties analyzing an asset, rather than picking a side).

Contact us to discuss your project in more detail.