The most valuable assets are the most ephemeral. What is it worth to control a key online distributor—a portfolio of keyword-rich domains—a high-open-rate email list—a social game with a massive viral coefficient—or a page-one ranking for an expensive keyword?

Those are the questions potential buyers have to ask. And those are the questions we answer.

We help deal teams evaluate online assets with which they may not be familiar, and we offer advice on how those assets might integrate with existing holdings. For example:

  • A middle-market buyout firm assesses a catalog company with a rapidly-growing website. Do they value the website as a way to reach new markets, or merely as a way to sell to existing customers?
  • Two close competitors are considering a merger. Will their banner ad campaigns complement one another or cannibalize each other?
  • A major game studio considers buying a small competitor whose biggest hit has a great viral coefficient, and a worrisome churn rate. How soon will it churn through its entire potential market?
  • A marketing software firm considers buying out a pay-per-click bid management system. How does it stack up to its top competitors?

Our goal is to provide unbiased, verifiable guidance, primarily to prospective buyers. Contact us to get started.