Many companies get their online exposure indirectly, through joint ventures. But the online joint venture world is a minefield—and teaming up with the wrong partner can be catastrophic. Typical engagements for us include:

  • Analyzing affiliate offers: the right affiliate marketing campaign can bring in massive, consistent sales. The wrong affiliate marketing campaign can lead to brand dilution, and leave your key sales channel controlled by someone with no long-term interest in your business. We help clients find the right affiliate network.
  • Structuring online marketing deals: we ensure that our clients keep control of the online assets they help create—we’ve seen many clients invest their marketing budgets into sites controlled by a third party, only to find out that these third party sites market to the highest bidder. We help clients structure their deals to minimize these risks.
  • Allocating tasks and responsibilities in online joint ventures: when a product company teams up with a content producer and an e-commerce outlet, we can create a system to ensure that every participant in the transaction is contributing where they can add the most value—and getting compensated in an economically viable way.

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