Less people are searching for Chinese e-commerce discount retailer VIPShop (VIPS) on Baidu. An analysis of a basket of 22 popular VIPShop branded queries – queries that have VIPShop’s Chinese name “唯品会” in them – indicate a 6.9% weighted average drop in search volume on Baidu over the past quarter. Search volume is a more accurate representation of a website’s popularity trend than Alexa numbers due to the latter’s bias.

Has VIPShop hit flash sales fatigue?

Original QueryEnglish TranslationGoogle Search Volume*Baidu Index
Weighted Average-6.9%
3唯品会折扣网VIPShop discount site5400-89%
4唯品会品牌折扣网VIPShop brand discount site3600-2%
5唯品会名牌时尚折扣网VIPShop brand fashion discount site290022%
6唯品网VIPShop site2900-6%
7唯品会官网VIPShop official site130079%
8唯品会优惠券VIPShop coupons590-19%
9唯品会的东西是真的吗Is VIPShop stuff real?320-83%
10唯品会代金券VIPShop vouchers140-34%
11唯品官网VIPShop official site110-16%
12唯品会折扣店VIPShop discount store110-73%
13唯品会购物VIPShop shopping91-98%
14唯品会是正品吗Does VIPShop sell genuine products?91-29%
15唯品会网VIPShop site73-29%
16唯品网首页VIPShop homepage58-26%
17唯品会折扣VIPShop discounts46-51%
18唯品会名牌折扣网VIPShop brand discount site46-77%
19唯品折扣网VIPShop discount site28-69%
20唯品会品牌折扣VIPShop brand discounts28-51%
21唯品会时尚折扣网VIPShop fashion discount site16-88%
22唯品折扣VIPShop discounts12-31%

* Google now has less than 5% market share in China, so its search volume numbers should just be used as a relative gauge of how popular a given query is.

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VIPShop Branded Query Volume on Baidu Down 7% Quarterly